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Psychic Powers Pack contains a paperback book of 130 pages a set of Zener Cards, Candles, Pendulum & Dowsing Rods.

Within The Psychic Powers Pack you’ll find everything that you need to explore your own psychic abilities, from ESP and dowsing to meditation and telepathy. These and many other fascinating and mysterious psychic abilities are clearly explained, with simple exercises that you can perform to help unlock your own skills.

Real collectors item as this is signed by Adam Fronteras who also does

  • Astrology with Tarot
  • Synastry 
  • Karmic Astrology
  • Childs Horoscope

for Solari UK – go to the Courses & Consultations section of this website

Ideal for beginners or you tarot readers because of the simplicity of the images and the language of the book.

Author: Adam Fronteras

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