Victoria Mouth Blown Glass Jug – Ophelia Collection


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The delicate dew drop green colour is distinctive and derived from the mouth blown glass and the Bohemian raw materials used to make Ophelia Victoria Jug an entirely original work of art.

Standing 26cm tall presented in a gorgeous Ophelia box of crisp cream with a sage green pure silk insert, braided in cerise. A box and gift you’ll want to keep.

Also available in Victoria matching vase

This limited edition of stunning mouth blown glass from the wooded hillsides of Bohemia is created by one workshop of artisans using a single furnace. Each piece is the work of three master craftsmen who coax exquisite forms from the fire using nothing more than their breath and a few simple tools. These highly skilled artisans work simultaneously on the same piece of glass with perfect fluidity. Every piece is signed with the craftsman’s mark and no two pieces are absolutely identical, thus ensuring a unique collection. 

Delicate spiral threads and pearl shapes echo back to the 13th century, fusing antique shapes and decoration with a contemporary twist.



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