USANA® Body Rox – Teenage Supplement




Daily vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant supplement, one of the few formulas on the market specifically formulated for teenagers.

  • Provides essential vitamins and minerals during a critical stage of growth and development
  • Offers a comprehensive range of antioxidants for protection against oxidative stress
  • Supports healthy immune function
  • Helps compensate for teens’ erratic eating habits

You made sure they took their vitamins when they were little, so don’t stop providing them with important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants—especially during this critical stage of development. Strong bones, healthy muscles, and great-looking skin later in life can depend on the nutrition received during this stage of growth.

USANA’s Body Rox is a comprehensive and balanced supplement for adolescents. No matter how hectic schedules get, you know their basic nutrition is covered with this convenient supplement. Keep your teens on top of their health with nutritionals made specifically for them.

84 per bottle

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