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Formulated with USANA InCelligence Technology™ to unlock cell-communication codes with proprietary nutrient blends that activate your cells’ natural ability to protect and renew themselves

Blends the hydrochloride form of glucosamine with the potassium and magnesium sulfate included in the scientific formula of Procosa to provide the same benefits of glucosamine sulfate without using shellfish or other animal-based ingredients making this 100% vegan.

Helps regulate normal cartilage formation by encouraging production of collagen and by acting as a building block for proteoglycans, which bind the water that lubricates and cushions the joint.

Supports joint function and comfort with Meriva®† Bioavailable Curcuminan innovative phytosome that is nearly 30 times more bioavailable than traditional curcumin preparation, speeds the action of Procosa to provide more immediate benefits

Procosa supports optimal joint health so you can maintain an active lifestyle and do the things you love. The combination of glucosamine and Meriva in the InCelligence Joint-Support Complex helps to influence the signaling pathways that proactively promote an optimal immune and inflammatory response to restore normal function after exercise. It also helps activate autophagy to remove damaged organelles in joint tissue to support normal renewal of healthy joint-cell function and preserve healthy articular cartilage.*

Key Ingredients;

Vitamin C . Turmeric Extract

This product is 100% VEGAN

84 tablets

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