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We tend to think about the health of our heart, brain, and bones even teeth but what about our eyes? How important is your vision to your overall health?

USANA formulated Visionex an antioxidant formula designed to protect the delicate tissues of the eye from photo-oxidation with lutein, zeaxanthin, and bilberry extract working  together to help the retina and vitamin C along with other nutrients to help maintain the structure and integrity of the lens. Ophthalmologists recommend adding lutein and zeaxanthin to your daily diet to help maintain long-term eye health and they recommend adding antioxidant supplements to your daily diet to help maintain long-term eye health.

Key Ingredients

Lutein . Zinc . Vitamin C . Magnesium . Zeaxanthin

This is a Kosher product & is also 100% VEGAN.

56 tablets

Additional information

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