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Especially for those who are nervous about using the round balls straight away the egg shaped balls give you the stability to work out without fear of falling, (only backward a and forwards not side to side )will build your core muscles and allow you to graduate to the round ball in no time.

Ideal for Circuits, Aqua, Kids and Rehabilitation. Exercise singularly, in pairs or teams. Sit on it, balance with it, throw & catch it, even float with it!

Made from DINP (disodecy phthalate) as opposed to the toxic DOP (di-2-ethyl hexyl phthalate) plasticisers. Latex free.

These balls carry the CE mark of approval. The manufacturers recommend a maximum user weight of 400kg.

As a qualified Swiss Ball instructor I can assure you that Maxafe  are the only balls I used when I train or teach. The safety & quality assurance is superb and you’d simply not get this with any cheaper, less tested equivalent.

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