Decorative Dog Urn with Photo




Highly decorative urn for the remains of a beloved dog and can be personalised by sliding a photo into the 6.5x5cm (2.6x2inch) photo frame on the front. The top the urn has fresh paw prints on it with the caption on the front; “Dogs leave paw prints on your heart forever”.

This is a truly sophisticated and respectful way of keeping a beloved pet in your home as the item looks like a warm, family friendly ornament so it’s ideal for children to keep their departed canine friends.

Made of the highest quality resin you really are investing in a gorgeous, quality item. Measuring approximately 14x11x10 cm (5.6×4.4×4 inch), can hold up to 1.3 litres, accessible from the bottom screw-on lid, weighing approximately 2 kg.

Urns are suitable for indoor or outside use but will alter in colour due to weather conditions .When adding a photograph, please make sure it is weatherproof if you’re leaving it outside.


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Weight 2.00 kg


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