Chinese Chi Balls




Enjoy the perfect Chinese hand and foot workout. Now you can unblock and stimulate your chi or life energy, improve your well being – and feel fantastic! Learn about Chinese medicine Exercise for hands and feet Use with acupressure and reflexology Chinese chi balls have a long history. They can be dated back to the Ming dynasty, where they were also known as boading iron balls or iron health balls, and have been used for centuries in China by everyone from emperors to peasants.

According to Chinese medicine, our fingers and hands are connected with our heart and all the other main organs in our body. By using the balls, the acupuncture points on the hand can be stimulated, which will help relax our muscles and joints, improve blood circulation and promote the correct flow of chi around our body.

Originally solid, the balls are now hollow and contain a chiming mechanism, with one ball chiming a high note and the other a lower note. The balls are easy for anyone to use and the notion of using them is said to also relieve stress.

This box contains

  • two silver Chi Balls
  • Gold Satin Drawsting Bag
  • 176-page Book

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