Certificate of Sale & Permission for Public Use for non Solari UK sales



Many people have purchase DavGar CD’s but have never been offered a Certificate to show that the CD’s are Royalty, Copyright & Licence Free . . . until now!!

If you can provide via post or a scan via email the original proof of purchase {this can often been as simply as your PayPal transaction details} clearly showing;

  • the named DavGar CD’s
  • date of purchase
  • place of purchase

I will be able to issue you a special Certificate of Sale & Permission for Public Use which clearly states all the copyright permissions I’ve obtained {record company, songwriters, composers, publishers &  copyright holders} just as I do with my own customers. 

If you have venues that have multiple venues using several DavGar CD’s, you can order more all at once so that all of the venues using and sharing the CD’s, have the same certification on display. 

This allows you to display the Certificate at any establishment playing these CD’s proving you have full rights and permissions.

Certificate borders come in a choice of red (as shown), blue, green or beige and you can choose your colour once you’ve ordered either via your PayPal note or via your Solari UK account.


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