PRS & PPL License FREE Music

I’ve collated this collection because, for any Pilates or Yoga instructor, therapist, B&B owner (with more than 4 rooms) shop owner, cabbie, school, spa or anyone who uses background music which the public can hear, we are required to have a license.

Not so with this DavGar collection.

No PPL or PRS License is needed to play this collection of amazing music without fear of breaching any copyright or public playing rights.
In fact I’ve sold this music to spas, studios and premises across the world all of whom have used the music knowing they are not in breech of any copyright or licensing laws. Don’t take my word for it, I’d added sample music for each CD, so you can listen to the composition before you purchase to ensure you have the best tracks to enhance your environment, day in day out.

These magnificent CD’s were created by British composers David Alty and Gary Wright in the hope of creating quality PPL & PRS free music. Dave says,

“Our music was initially composed as background or ambient music to be played during a Pilates class. However, we like to think our music is of sufficient quality to appeal to a much wider audience.”

Dave and Gary first met at the University of Central Lancashire in 2008 where they enrolled as mature students on a Degree Course in Music. During year two one of these modules had a directive to write a piece of music for a paying client. That paying client was to be Cockermouth Pilates Studio who commissioned a piece of music to be used during a Pilates class. The CD ‘Yes’ was made and proved to be a great success during classes at Cockermouth Pilates Studio.

Here at Solari UK we offer you the full range of DavGar music including Blackpool & Liverpool which has 120 /125bpm for a more lively, upbeat CD’s but all original compositions are totally

*License free
*Royalty free
*Copyright free

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