1 Pair of Gliders – Carpeted Floor


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A pair of Gliding disc for exercise which allows for smooth, fluid and graceful movements that can be structured into a stand alone gliding class.

Ideal for  forcing you to use core stability to stay upright as the discs will move if you don’t

Carpeted floor disc are not suitable for wooden or smooth floors – choose the Hardwood version instead – as the discs will not glide smoothly 

I’ve used Gliders for several years now (see the comments of my clients in the Dance & Fitness section) and I’d highly recommend them, to use in front of a mirror so you can monitor your  alignment if you’re not with a trained professional . I’ve used them on some of my professional athletes clients who have been surprised at how difficult it is and how challenging it was for them, even doing lunges or press ups that you’re used to doing every day.  

Review; NJ Soliar

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