Walking Stick Claws Snow & Ice Grips x 2


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Superb for the elderly or injured who want to use their walking stick safely on snow and ice. A set of two claws to share or for those using two walking sticks, crutches or canes.

An ingenious invention, a removable, retractable, adjustable walking stick attachment with 5 teeth to bite into ice and improve stability when walking on icy roads or pavements

CE standard ‘Ice claw’ ice grip for the end of a walking stick or cane. Fits sticks from just under the diameter of a 5p piece (approximately 18mm) to just over the diameter of a £2 coin (approximately 28.4mm) using the adjustable screws supplied, so it can be shared amongst many people to fit their own sticks or canes.

Easily retracts up allowing you to lift the claw off the floor when you’re walking on non iced floors to avoid slipping or damaging floor surfaces

I’d strongly recommend that you use this in addition to the Yaktrax Walkers or Pro’s on your feet for maximum protection on packed snow and ice.

PLEASE NOTE: Only recommended for snow & iced surfaces. Not to be used on smooth, tiled or wooden surfaces as the metal inserts will be VERY hazardous. Remove when walking on smooth flat surfaces like tiled floors (kitchens & hallways) or Train/Underground stations ticket offices.

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