The Sensé Deluxe Pack




The Sensé Deluxe Pack offers the full line of Sensé skin care products. It is the perfect pack to enhance your beauty.

Unlike even the best brands Sense has no parabens {e.g. propylparaben, methylpraben}, no benzene rings in chemical compounds which tend to be carcinogenic {i.e. cause cancer} or methylisothiazolinone which tends to be in many hand washes. So you can use them for yourself and your family knowing you have nothing detrimental being absorbed into your systems

Sensé takes care of your skin thanks to truly beautiful science so theer are no . Each ingredient in every Sensé product has been carefully selected for its ability to enhance, revitalise, and revive the appearance of your skin. This pack offers a unique line of products that are suitable for all skin types.

This pack includes:

1 x Gentle Daily Cleanser

1 x Hydrating Toner

1 x Daytime Protective Emulsion

1 x Night Renewal Crème

1 x Rice Bran Polisher

1 x Nutritious Crème Masque

1 x Perfecting Essence

1 x Eye Nourisher

This is a great pack to start you off and as a little goes a long way it will last you a long time for amazing results.


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