Position Sex;50 Wild Sex positions you probably haven’t tried


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For those who would like to bring a new dimension to their sexual experiences with a partner who’s prepared to try new things this is 50 new positions that really require communication and mutual teamwork.

Some are for the very athletic (Hello Dolly is not for the faint hearted for those lacking in arm strength) but each is so well explained, with little tips at the bottom of pages which can really enhance a waning sex life.

Well photographed with classy un-salacious images, with a really well explained with “Whats in it for him / her” so you get a good idea of not only how to get into the positions but what to expect. I have to say that even just chatting with a partner over the positions shown will start an interesting dialogue, and that what great sex is all about; communication to enhance mutual pleasure.

Highly recommended to anyone wanting to please themselves and their partner

Author: Lola Rawlins .

Small thick paperback 160 pages .

Review by N J Soliar 


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