Medium Black Martha Cat – Perry Lancaster


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A black granite coloured cat measuring 15cm /6″.

Perry Lancaster carves his original designs in wood which are exclusively reproduced using the finest resin and hand produced finishes.

He says of his work;

“I try to capture essence and spirit by using suggestion rather than detail as I believe this is more involving for the observer, leaving room for personal interpretation and imagination. I enjoy producing sculpture where the tactility of the form is equally as important as the visual aspect”.

Perry was born in Northamptonshire in 1969 and studied wood sculpture with John Fox in Cambridgeshire at the age of 18. Now living in the south of France, Perry continues to carve original designs in wood which are exclusively reproduced by Artforum and sold by Solari UK.

The range has a smooth black granite finish that creates amazing impact. 2005 saw the launch the summer shades of pink, orange and blue March 2007 saw the arrival of pinks, paprika, neutrals and brights all of which prove to be extremely popular in any home.

Sadly this popular collection was discontinued in 2011 so they have become even more sought after than previously.

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