FooTonix Snow & Ice Grips UK 8-11


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NEW Economy ice grippers for ice and snow. Increase underfoot traction and help prevent slips and falls on snow and ice

Simply clip on these brilliant traction devices to your own

  • Shoes 
  • Trainers
  • UGG Boots 
  • Wellingtons
  • Timberlands 
  • Walking boots
  • even plastic or rubber soles slippers

to walk safely on snow and ice every time . . . they even fold up small to fit into a handbag or pocket

This is the perfect lightweight solution for casual and athletic footwear for daily urban use. 360 degree spike pattern provides more push off and lateral grip. The patented Ice Diamond carbide spikes are integrated into the new open/close split rubber tread for improved traction. Unique support hole on heel strap provides easy adjustment – easy to put on and take off. This one piece stretch construction means without straps or buckles to fasten. They can be folded up carried in ones pocket when not being worn.

1 x Large UK 8-11 (EU 43-46)

FootTonix Winter Traction devices are lightweight and easy to put on and remove and exceptionally inexpensive and comes with 2 free replacement spikes.

CE verified product ensuring that you have the best quality product which cheaper non CE products cannot offer

PLEASE NOTE: Only recommended for snow & iced surfaces. Not to be worn on smooth tiled surfaces as the metal inserts will be VERY hazardous. Remove when walking on smooth flat surfaces like tiled floors (kitchens & hallways) or Train/Underground stations ticket offices.

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