Everlasting Love Angel Urn




This truly stunningly detailed Angel urn was created to honor your loved one and help bring peace and comfort during your time of loss.

Beautiful cream urn to have on your mantle piece or desk as a decorative item not just the memorial to a loved one.

This is a truly sophisticated and respectful way of keeping a beloved in your home as the item looks like a warm, family friendly ornament so it’s ideal for children as well.

Measuring 11.5″x 8″ the cavity (which opens from the bottom) can hold up to 52 cubic inches and it weighs, when empty, approximately 3kg.

Made of a high quality resin that has extra stone material added to it called Polystone, this material is highly durable and allows for exceptional detail. It is cast ‘cold’ to eliminate shrinking and distortion in the final piece and is then painted with several coats of durable non toxic ivory paint to give the piece a soft finished look which is safe for both children and animals.

Urns are suitable for indoor or outside use but colours may alter depending on outdoor weather conditions.


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Weight 3.00 kg


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