As I’ve chosen not to teach since 2016, the following pages are simply for reference and for those booking a Health MOT consultation so that they have a full understanding of my qualifications and experience in relation to the advice and guidance I give. My credentials and insurance remains up to date.

One of the very first licensed and qualified UK & European Metabolic Effect Instructors – June 2011

Ever wondered why you can’t lose fat no matter how hard and long you exercise for or how little you eat?
Your metabolism and hormones are making you and keeping you fat . . . .FACT!!

Did you know these 3 exercise types depress your thyroid by 28.2% & stop fat burning?

– Running, spining or hot yoga

– Lifting weights, kettlebells or even just bodyweight

– CrossFit or another high-intensity workout

You’d simply be weakening joints, heart lining(hot yoga) & wasting your time so don’t be surprised at your poor, long term results.

I use & endorse the 30 minute rest based Metabolic Effect & Metabolic Prime 22 minute workouts for not only fat burning & hormone stimulation but also for bone building. Self produced testosterone & human growth hormone, which we make during adolescence, is produced during an ME workout to re-build bone, ideal after a trauma, illness or aging.

Teach your HORMONES to eliminate body fat and build, quality toned muscle, day in, day out . . . for life!!


of the foods that assist your own metabolism, hormones, bio-chemistry and total physiological & neurological needs

*Exercise LESS

3 or just 2 x 30 minutes per week is all it takes

*REST & accelerate fat loss

. . . yes, you burn fat for up to THREE DAYS after each 30 minute session

plus I encourage you to rest DURING the workout so you don’t “pace” yourself , working to your own level each & every time

Voted Favourite Adult Class in Redbridge 2014

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 Watch my ME video below to get an idea of what it entails and see ordinary people, just like you, working out


 The full nutritional program is recommended for the results you see below .These clients did just ONE or less sessions per week (instead of the 3 recommended) to get their results shown

“I’m down from an¬†XL to L¬†after just 9 sessions”

Claude Burke, Walthamstow, 4 Nov 2011

IMG_3066 006(1)

“I’ve now dropped¬†two dress sizes¬†in two months”

 Kate, West London, 7 July 2012
Kate 2(3)
The ME eating and personal training program nourishes the body with plenty of nutritious, easy to purchase foods, includes treats like chocolate, and works with your hormones, the ME Diet and program IS 100% sustainable and do-able on a long term basis. (I don’t know about you, but when I’m told to give up my treats I crave it all the more and end up sabotaging my progress)

The ME eating & exercise program

 * never counts calories        *never weighs you      * never allows you to get hungry
but the Metabolic Effect program DOES;
*measure body parts to see actual body fat lost       
*uses your hormones to suppress starvation and hunger
*boosts the metabolic rate so you actually burn fat even whilst at rest 
*does not require will power as you’re given treats and weekly ‚ÄúREWARD MEALS‚ÄĚ to enjoy¬†without any guilt¬†
*changes your relationship to food FOREVER