Metabolic Effect Classes were Voted Favourite Adult Class in Redbridge 2014

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“I was sceptical of it {Metabolic Effect} as I’ve not heard of it before but because you were looking for people with diabetes, like me, I thought, let me try it; I’ll be a guinea pig!! After 3 weeks {the 9th 30 minute session} when I put on my t-shirts which were so figure hugging before, they were now lose. I’m down from an XL to L after just 9 sessions. I’m still having my naughties {cakes, crisps, sweets} so if I followed it more strictly there’ll be even more fat lost. . . I’ve lost inches and the measurements don’t lie. My close friend saw me on week 3 and she noticed the difference then but by week 4 she said “your man boobs are gone, you can’t fill a bra cup anymore” . . . that’s fine by me :o)”Claude Burke, Walthamstow, 4 Nov 2011

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Please note that Claude not only has Type 2 Diabetes, he also had a shoulder injury, a knee injury and with his family and work life demands was often doing ME until 10pm, resting for a few hours before waking at 3.30am for his job … hows that for dedication!!

I’ve struggled with my size for years, and ME is the first programme that I feel really works for me. I’m thinking of food in a completely different way, enjoying exercise and getting fitter every day. I’m so grateful to Natasha for helping me change — I’ve now dropped two dress sizes in two months, and am looking forward to the next stage!” Kate, West London 6 July 2012
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Thanks for the great session on Friday {1st session}, Natasha! I really enjoyed the workout and I can still feel the after-effects {2 days later}… Apart from the intrinsic benefits it’s also a great way to change things up a bit and get away from my usual routine – I think my muscles were just too much getting used to spinning etc. See you tomorrow” Michaela Unterbarnscheidt, Highbury 2 October 2011

Michaelas update after 2 months :
“I’ve dropped THREE jean sizes in two months. “Working with Natasha has been an amazing journey – challenging, extremely effective, and FUN! Natasha is a dedicated and very knowledgeable teacher and kept me motivated with great nutritional advice and an ever changing exercise routine. Her dietary recommendations and rest-based weight training helped me fit into a jeans three sizes (!!) smaller than my usual, after just two months. I have lost fat, gained muscle definition and can just feel the difference in everything I do day in, day out – all in just 90 minutes a week, and with as much delicious fresh food as I want! Thanks for all your hard work Natasha, your support and encouragement! I’ve really enjoyed the sessions with you :) Michaela – 14 December 2011

“Having completed the ME programme {1st 12 sessions only}, I must say how happy I am with my inch loss. Natasha measured vital areas around my body before and after the 6 week course. I was so surprised to see inches just melt away from me, although there were areas where the inches increased, apparently this is where the muscles are working and should increase. The actual workout is hard, but it is packed into 30 mins. If you are anything like me, I hate exercise but it is only 30 mins and when you see the results it’s worth it. Don’t think you can cheat in any way as Natasha does not take her eyes off your every move, she is a very firm woman and will be up front and straight with you if she thinks you are not doing something right. If you are serious about getting fit and into shape then Natasha is a trainer that will give you the results you are striving for.I am very pleased with the overall experience and the progress that I made with Natasha’s help and determination. Gina Gauci, North Chingford, 11 December 2011

“I’ve only had 6 sessions {3 hours of tuition} with Natasha so far but already I’ve noticed a difference. My jeans are fitting more loosely and last week my hairdresser told me I looked like I’d lost weight! I’m going to the Larkswood sessions which are perfect timing if you’re a mum. I can get the kids into bed and then go to my workout. The sessions are hard, but it’s only 30 mins twice a week. Well worth it for the great results! Natasha is brilliant. She is meticulous about you having the correct position and doing the exercises properly. She won’t let you slack off but if you’re serious about getting rid of the fat she’s your woman! ” Marilyn Henderson, South Woodford, 26 February 2012

 “Forget long boring sessions in the Gym and feeling miserable from not eating (proven over again not to work and to actually drive you mad), Natasha’s metabolic training is only half an hour out of your day and you eat a lot and you loose inches. Also Natasha shows you technique and how to do exercises properly, something you don’t get with a DVD or a solo gym session. I also suffer prone to Polycistic ovaries and have always had a stomach that blows up like a balloon (even when a skinny size 8) so sometimes find it impossible to pull in it just won’t go. I just depends on the day. But it {Metabolic Effect}t does work and I definitely had more energy and felt better. I hate and don’t have time to spend loads of time going to the gym, working out for an hour coming back etc so this half an hour burst coming to my door was perfect for me. Like everything it is difficult to change over night – small steps and learn from mistakes so you don’t do it again. So if you hate the gym and love eating and still want to loose weight this is the one for you “Sarah, Dalston UK 31 May 2013

“I did a Metabolic class with Natasha, I found this whole body workout a great way to exercise. I did a second Metabolic Class as part of an instructors course with another instructor {Natasha’s original tutor} but I found Natasha’s {class} tougher and more effective. I like this way of training so much I want to teach it!! Chris Murray-Johnson, Fitness Instructor, 27 Sept 2011

Dear Natasha, Thank you for the intense session today. I’ve been working in the gym since February {3 months} and have never felt my abs work so hard in so short time. Looking forward to another great , Icilda Chingford E4

“Hi Natasha,Thanks very much for the session {1st session} last night . I won’t lie; I had to delicately peel myself out of bed this morning! But I really like the feeling afterwards when you can feel all your muscles are a little bit sore, but they all got worked.Very satisfying!” Julia Kasch 8 December 2011