“Well impressed with the detail of your instruction & how many people you were able to give individual attention & direction to” {studio class of 21} Mike Wilson, Newham 12 Sept 2008 

“That was tough class, I liked it. It’s good to work hard and learn new things every week” {Irene has been regularly practising different forms of Yoga all over the world for over 35 years} Irene Yong, North London, 7 June 2011″

“Dear Natasha, I take the chance to express by writing my gratitude towards your professionalism and your hard work in making us -likewise- work hard throughout the year. Like no other tutor -at least in Clissold – you know with precision your technique and what it is most important you know how to transfer that on us; your classes result in an always stimulating and all the more challenging experience; above all, a safe experience. In nearly two years of attending them I have never suffered from any pull or injury, in fact your exercises mitigated one which another tutor’s lack of diligence had inflicted on my back. I think this kind of professionalism should be said and celebrated! It was high time someone restored a bit of discipline and rigour, as it seems that for the sake of an licentious open-mindedness everyone these days is up to make concessions where we least need them… See you on Tuesday!” Fernando Piatti, Stoke Newington, 5 November 2011

“To misquote Joni Mitchell, “She’s a mean ol’ mama but I like her”. She doesn’t let you get away with a half hearted practice and really why would you want to? A very encouraging and open teacher who pushes you to make the most of it! She really works you hard to get you in the correct position, which can be a bit of a shock after the way you are used to doing it, so progress is definitely on the agenda in her class.” Tim Stone, Musician, Clissold Park, London 7 April 2010

“Hi Natasha, I hope this finds you well. I moved to Hong Kong beginning of this year thats why I cannot follow your classes anymore. I know its sounds odd, but finding a good yoga teacher these days is not easy at all. Since I moved to HK I have been desperately looking for a good place where to practice yoga as well as a good teacher: I am desperate as so far I have found nothing and no one as good as you ( trust me!). I just wanted to say that your classes were amazing and I do miss them a lot! If you by any chance know of anyone good enough teaching yoga in Hong Kong pls let me know, it would make me very happy. Ciao Ciao” Claudia Albertini, Hong Kong 9 Nov 2013

Natasha’s lesson has become the anchor point of my week. She’s mean that’s why she is my favourite yoga teacher. If you are being lazy, taking an easier option than you are capable of Natasha will invariably spot it. If you are ready for a more advanced option Natasha will tell you. Her’s are the most progressive,sophisticated & challenging classes that I’ve ever taken, I love it. I felt so good after last Tuesdays class I nearly cried, this Tuesday I just felt like laughing at the sky” Gus McGillivray, Artist from Hackney, 4 May 2010

“I really enjoyed the yoga sessions, have tried others this was the best. Found them challenging and uplifting.Natasha was great to work with, cant wait to return” Lorraine Howe, April 2009 Larkswood E4

“I came back to London from Edinburgh yesterday, I’m leaving for Greece tomorrow. I booked my tickets just so that I wouldn’t miss your class today. I’m addicted to my progress with you and always gutted when I have to miss a class.
Kat Damvoglou, Stoke Newington, 17 Aug 2010

“Referring about my experience, I think it was a great and quite unexpected surprise, to be honest. As a former trapeze artist and a current massage therapist/full time mum, I am very used to have strong doses of physicality in my everyday life, and I have to admit that your class was CHALLENGING!! {Advanced Level 3 class} At the beginning of the class I was not feeling connected with the rhythm and synergy of the class, but after a few exercises, I really attuned with your teaching style and I loved it, so thanks for all the aches in pains I had afterwards, they were really worth it! Also, very pleased with the extensive knowledge about the subject you teach, not such a common skill those days anymore. Best Regards Anna Josa – Stoke Newington 28 January 2013

“Hi.I attended one of your fill-in classes at Chingford leisure center awhile back – which I loved. I was really hoping that I could learn more from you.” Monica K, London 4 June 2006

“I had a great stretch on Tuesday. Although, I do yoga on regular basis I could really feel on the following day that some of my muscles haven’t been challenged for a while. Great class! Not so many teachers in Clissold Centre give the opportunity to practice advance postures. Beata T, London 19 Aug 2010

“Hello Natasha, I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful class on Friday, as I said it was most invigorating, challenging of course and I had such a great experience that I will try as much as I can to join your classes whenever possible. I am new in the city so I do not have too many people but I will spread the info to my community. I will write  to the management {Fitness First Black Label} about you and mention how amazing the experience was and that you are a great instructor. Again, I cannot thank you enough and look forward to attending other classes with you in the near future. Mariam Ragovskaia, London 13 August 2012