Yoga has 8,440,000 different asanas (exercises) with hundreds of different Yogic styles and hundreds of pranayamas(breathing techniques) yoga is a mind body connection, not just a quiet meditation or moving from one move to another as is taught generically in studios & gyms.

 Natasha teaches Hatha, Dynamic Iyengar {her own rapid precision yoga}Vinyasa & Ashtanga {later only for the very well practiced} for greater strength, balance fluidity & co-ordination using various pranayama, drishi, mudhras and all bhundas. Natasha teaching is anatomical meaning that her class is very physically demanding and tailored to the postural alignment of a Western body rather than a particular yogic style though she is more Iyengic in her precision and discipline.Precision is necessary for every posture (asana) however well practiced you are she is a stickler for precision and focus.

Ashtanga will only be taught to those very well practiced due to the rapid flow from each asana which is unsuitable for beginners or novices. You will be assessed before taking on Ashtanga

You will not be doing any guided meditation with Natasha as the focus is on the asana element of the 8 limbs of yoga, you will be doing pranayama (breathing),  drishi (focal points), mudhras (hand gestures) and bhundas (internal locks) with nominal shivasana (relaxation).

  Natasha is your Yoga Professional please click the image below to be shown more specific details