“I’m finding the Swiss Ball & Gliders class a great way to keep in shape and lose my post-pregnancy weight. I am seeing results even after a few classes {4-6 sessions}. Natasha is a very motivating instructor, and helps you get the best out of her classes by offering individual attention and variations of the same exercise, catering for all levels”. Wendy Boulton, Product Manager from Reuters & Mum of Two, Highams Park 24 March 2010


“This is a very good class, but extremely hard work so be prepared for some tough love. It really works I could feel my muscles working during the class and after as well. It’s a nice feeling of knowing you worked hard.” Siobhan Farley, Leyton,  March 2013


“I had a stroke at the end of last year and took up Natasha’s classes for Pilates predominantly. This class alone helped my recovery in so many ways and I am stronger for it. I have since made an almost full recovery, I now do the Pilates and Swiss Ball /Gliders classes, and have lost an entire dress size {in 4-6 sessions}. It’s wonderful being able to shop in my wardrobe for clothes I thought I would never fit into again. The classes are fun and I always feel like I’ve had a great workout at the end of them. I feel more supple and stronger and I know my fitness level has improved as a direct result of Tash’s classes. Would strongly recommend for anyone of any fitness level to take one or more of Tash’s classes as you will see the difference in your fitness, health, weight and overall general well-being. The energy is always high and we always have a laugh which makes getting fit fun and not a chore. It’s a terrific way to spend a Saturday morning.” Sue Cooke, E17 – Daily Mirror Manager & Mum of Two 30 March 2010


As a regular gym goer the thought of doing a regular class as such didnt seem to interest me. However after some recent set backs I needed to get a professional help and motivation to get feeling active again. I deceided to take 1 of her classes the 1st being a Gliders Class. The energy and enthusiasim of Natasha was awe inspiring. Seeing a professional at work and making it comfortable, fun and a total body workout was a winner. Equipment, venue, timing fits in greatly with my busy work schedule and lifestyle.Would recommend attending strongly to anyone interested in taking charge of there fitness in a fun and dynamic instructor.” Wayne H,Leyton, Gliders 01/08/13 Swiss Ball 08/08/13


“I attend Swiss Ball & Glider classes on alternate weeks and have found since participating which I really enjoy and look forward to, I have lost inches off my waist and my clothes fit so loosely {4-6 sessions} .Friends have commented on my firmer body shape and so has my partner. I also attend the Pilaties class and feel that the techniques taught have had a positively firming effect on my muscles which support good posture when standing or sitting. Techniques to help relieve tension in the head and neck which can be used almost anywhere in your daily life, work especially well. Natasha, it is a pleasure knowing you and attending your classes which are never boring, thank you x.” Sam M, Nursery Nurse & Mum of Two, Newham 8 April 2010