“Hi Tash just wanted to thank you for all your support ! Special thanks for your extra work making sure your students are in the correct position! Physio said I have good posture all down to your voice in my head when I’m standing or sitting! You’re one in a million special lady xx ;o)
Samantha Mathurine, Newham – 26 Feb 2012

“That was the fastest hour of the day. Brilliant!” {1st session attended} Maggie Catling, Westminster School, WestminsterĀ  – 4 March 2009

“I go back to work every Monday after Pilates {6-7pm}and find that I do my best work in that hour. .Thanks for class today”. Sumeeta A, Deloittes, London – 9 July 2012

“Natasha Soliar who taught the 9.30 Pilates class on 9th Aug 2008 was really really excellent. She focused on technique & was funny & friendly.Please can we have her teaching this class always? {Studio class of 27}Thanks
{signed comment card given to Co Ordinator at Fitness First Leyton – August 2008

“The most valuable things I’ve learnt is how to control my back pain, I know what to do to prevent pain and what to do to ease pain when I’m experiencing it. Thank you for your help”
Ruth Marshall, Essex – 17 July 2004

“Natasha’s classes are motivating and very focused on getting the best results for you. It is tough at times, but well worth it and Natasha provides a fun atmosphere to work in. The time on Tuesdays {8.25pm} are great for me as I’m able to put the children to bed before I leave. However tired I am, I always leave the class feeling revitalised.”
Wendy Bolton, Highams Park, London – 31 December 2011

“The staff {that attend the on site Pilates classes} rarely have time off . . . . at the age of 51 I don’t think I’ve ever been so fit”
Derek Hoddy, Head of PE & Newhams “Athletics Coach of the Year 2007” – October 2004

“After only 3 Pilates sessions with Natasha, I have lost a good 2 inches from my waist. I’ve always eaten veggie &healthily & done a fair amount of exercise – the only thing that’s changed is the introduction of Pilates, so I’m sure it’s down to that”
Echo Freer Author, Wanstead, London – 26 Jan 2006

“I am really surprise to see only in two weeks I started to feel more stronger a lot better, even I am a lot better in my work and I feel a lot happy.I can go to the shops all day and not start feeling tired after one hour walking. Definatly I am a lot fitter than before. I am really sure that doing exercises helps you to feel better with yourself. Thank you”
Maria Martinez, Spain – 19 October 200

“Since joining your class in December 2005 I have become more supple and have gained increased movement in my hip {following hip replacement}. I appreciate your encouragement and help in such fun surroundings.Thanks again.”
Jan Thurgood, Cambridge UK – 4 April 2006

“I really enjoy working with you and will make an effort to make it.Also I was going to talk to you about training to be a Pilates teacher at some stage next year, it’s{Pilates} fantastic! and you are a great teacher who adapts to all levels, no chance of getting bored!!”
Sarah Harris, Chingford London – 12 July 2006

“As a cyclist regularly tackling 100+ mile sportive events, I have found that regular pilates sessions are an extremely helpful addition to regular training. Stronger core muscles reduce back and shoulder aches and help maintain good form at the end of a 9-hour ride and on long climbs.”
James Griggs, Deloittes, LondonĀ  – 5 Nov 2012

“We both got alot out of the session {1st session}.For myself my sciatic pain really improved during the afternoon so I was thrilled! We’re trying to bear in mind what we learned.Looking forwrad to seeing you on Wednesday”
L Smith The Pottery Shop E11 – 17 Feb 2006

“Hi Natasha I am finding your classes excellent and very motivating. I consider myself relatively new to pilates and have enjoyed the classes I have attended with you recently, they have been extremely informative and I love to learn new things. I have been much more aware of my breathing and posture for a start.Best regards
Janet Roper, Chingford, London – 12 July 2006