Pilates created by Joseph Pilates as his Contrology System is recognised as being ideal for injuries, core strength, remedial care, toning, improving posture, balance & alignment. Suitable for all ages and abilities this should be a challenging yet non impact,  deep process which targets and strengthens the intricate muscles that support and protects the low back, spine, pelvis and hips.

Whilst Pilates people don’t  “bulk up” muscularly don’t be fooled into thinking this is just for girls; Natasha regularly trains professional cage fighters, boxers, footballers, dancers, traipse artists, gymnasts, weight trainers, cyclists and athletes, for deeper strength training that their other training simply  cannot create.

Deep thoracic breathing is the only  type of breathing sequence used in Pilates which will strengthen weak lungs, ideal for anyone with breathing issues (smoking, asthma, bronchitis etc) or allow the fitter to elongate their breath when working for a more challenging dimension to the exercises .

Originally just 36 exercise now much wider range using various form of mat work, small equipment which Natasha’s uses {weighted bands, Swiss balls, energy balls, dumbbells, straps, Bender Balls, Gliders}  always with the same Pilates precision.