Recognition for Images

The following people are attributed with providing some of the amazing images I’ve used on my site. Though I’m not required to list who they are, having paid to use the images, I feel it’s only right to do so,  so they are fully credited for their mastery and you can contact them for more images if you like.

Yoga Vasisthasana plank balancing pose by Man in silhouette on the rock outdoors at mountains and cloudy sky background Stock Photo - 12009692
Copyright of Marina Pissarova
Yoga Parivrtta Parsvakonasana horizon pose by fit man with dreadlocks on the beach near the fishermen hut in Varkala, Kerala, India Stock Photo - 14625044

Copyright of Mykeyruna

Feet massage  Stock Photo - 17876813
Copyright of Kurhan
variety of vegetables in heart shape on fork Stock Photo - 10444510
Copyright of I Fong
letter a Stock Vector - 7923911
Copyright for entire alphabet of ideadiss
money tree in a golden pot  3d image  Isolated white background  Stock Photo - 16038163
Copyright of Anatoly Maslennikov
Giving Money Concept Isolated on white Stock Photo - 9818668
Copyright of Jonathon Abbas
illustration night sky and gold(en) circle of the constellation sign zodiac Stock Vector - 15630765
Copyright of Alexandra Yurkina
Occult paraphernalia, my artwork Stock Photo - 19664847
Copyright of Subbotina
Misty dawn at the forest with rime Stock Photo - 9414872
Copyright of Anton Petrus