The Oral Sex Position Guide; 69 wild positions


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This is a fabulous well photographed book on taking your oral sex life to a whole new dimension .The sub heading “69 wild positions for amazing oral pleasure every which way” really does deliver the goods   

Many of the positions require acrobatics like the Advanced Hungry Acrobat or the Bagpipes or Balancing Act but don’t worry for those less energetic Dicktation , Lazy Boy / Girl and Teabagging will do the trick as total classics .

With 69 varieties to choose from some you’ll know many but you’ll want to try so many more and everyone will be well catered for  . . .   as for the other more dynamic positions? well they do say practice makes perfect!!

No gratuitous images, no full frontal nudity so all incredibly tastefully done yet incredible effective and well done and still erotically stimulating

Although the images are heterosexual there is absolutely no reason why this book won’t be equally successful for homosexual oral sex . . . sex of any kind can be catered for in fact,  many positions lend themselves to a menage a trois  

Author: Emily  Dubberley

Large paperback

144 pages

Review; NJ Soliar




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