The Little Book of Sex Secrets – last one


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This is a fabulous little book,  pink yet discrete and perfectly formed is a real must have. The sub heading “Red-Hot Confessions, Fantasies, Techniques & Discoveries ” really does deliver the goods   

No gratuitous images, no full frontal nudity so all incredibly tastefully done yet incredible effective with small images  run down the side of some pages.

I  did see a review comparing it to 50 Shades, I’d argue this  book is much more sophisticated and classy,  a little pink manual ideal for carrying with you anywhere {long boring journeys can be spiced up no end} 

Brilliant ideas sectioned into naughty, sizzling , x rated  and ecstatic this is perfect for all ages especially those who may be re-entering the dating / flirting  / sex arena  . .. .  yes I would  give this to an old Aunt,  it really is that universal in it’s appeal . . .

It’s guaranteed to get you into the sexual mood  that suits you today so I highly recommend it  but I only have one left 

Author: Nicole Bailey

Small hardback

144 pages

Review; NJ Soliar




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