Getting the Sex you Want




The full title is Getting the Sex you Want : Shed your Inabitions and Reach New Heights of Passion Together . . . and this manual delivers working with you and your partner to enhance and adapt your  sexual appetites

No images or photographs to distract or compete with, this book is all about the mental and physical connection between lovers. Using case studies that explain how others overcame their problems and issues.  . .  .and you can too this is an empowering tool that you can refer to for years to come: I get the impression that it will evolve with you as time goes by

Couples therapist Dr Tammy Nelson knows her craft and this book proves it. She walks the reader through the thought processes and activities step by step so you’re never adrift. 

Helpful case studies and different fonts to ear-mark and highlight points this is an authorative yet down to earth and easy to use manual which is suitable for anyone who’s in a relationship 

Author: Dr Tammy  Nelson

Medium Paperback

224 pages

2012 edition

Review; NJ Soliar

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