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Cosmos contains six calming and restful tracks that effortlessly flow from one to the next always maintaining a peaceful, ambient tempo.

They’re ideal for creating a calm and relaxing ambiance for your studio or place of work and as they are all original compositions by DavGar they are 100% PPL and PRS free so you do not need a license to use them

I also provide every sale with a Certificate of Sale & Permission for Public Use which clearly states all the copyright permissions I’ve obtained {record company, songwriters, composers, publishers &  copyright holders}, the CD’s purchased and the date of purchase which is when your certificate is valid from . This allows you to display the Certificate at any establishment playing these CD’s proving you have full rights and permissions. 

Running time: 59″


I only ever use DavGar CD’s for my Yoga & Pilates clients, classes and even my daily self-practice . That’s why I offer them here as my clients want to purchase them for their home, school, therapy room, spa, clinic, cafe or workplace.

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– This is sample song – 3:45
– This is sample song – 1:45
– This is sample song – 1:45


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