As I’ve chosen not to teach since 2016, the following pages are simply for reference and for those booking a Health MOT consultation so that they have a full understanding of my qualifications and experience in relation to the advice and guidance I give. My credentials and insurance remains up to date.

Pilates is recognised as being ideal for injuries, core strength, remedial care, toning, improving posture, balance & alignment, for all ages & non-impact. Deep thoracic breathing will strengthen weak lungs, ideal for anyone with breathing issues (smoking, asthma, bronchitis etc). Originally just 36 exercise now much wider range but always with the same precision. Natasha is a classic Pilates Matwork instructor with the Pilates Institute and Pilates Union who flows each exercise into the other using a mind body connection and the Pilates Principles and methods that Joseph Pilates spearheaded through his Contrology program.

site 2Natasha is a highly experienced instructor, with over 20 years of teaching experience, working with all types of ability, disability, mental frailty, age and pre and post natal needs though with all clients she emphasises precision and accuracy above all else: there is no other alternative in her classes. Her teaching is anatomical meaning it is very physically demanding and tailored to the physiology of a Western body rather than a particular generic teaching style, hence why she is so strict on precision.

Unlike other instructors Natasha refuses more work than she accepts and always has done. Her standards and care of her clients encompasses every single detail before, during and after each class from the emphasis on good group co-operation, to individual weekly progress to termly personal assessments to ensure clients are reaching the exact goals they’ve set themselves. Clients who are dedicated to their own health and improvement, both during her class and when going about their daily lives truly thrive under her tuition as her sessions become lifestyle choices that break the physical & mental restrictions spanning decades. She will only work with clients who share those high exacting standards, who are motivated to work hard and succeed for themselves and who recognize the value of working with her specifically.

She uses different pieces of equipment and techniques bi weekly if clients are of a sufficient level to maintain the Pilates principles –  Bender Balls . Swiss Balls . Bands . Blocks . Gliders . Straps . Dumbbells . Energy Balls . Calisthenics. Circuits . Barre work . Pilates Evolution – to challenge what has been taught and to ensure the motor neurons are functioning effectively, week in week out.