Clairvoyant & Tarot Readings with Natasha


If you can pop to my FAQ section and my Client  Comments sections before you book I’d appreciate it as it gives you a better understanding of how I work without having to speak or make contact to me.

Please book below first, then once you’ve made your booking you can tell me the 3-5 different times and days you’d like for me to match with my availability. I’ll then email confirmation with additional specifics (e.g whether call or Skype and recording) then we can secure that time for you. This is the fastest way of securing bookings as people often request my availability,  but by the time they actually book online, those times have been allocated to other clients.

I’d recommend writing  down any specific questions you have before the session, having it next to the phone when we start, as many people go blank when I’m working with them as I’m talking  from start to finish.

 45 minute sessions 

 45 minutes phone or Skype with free MP3  recording via Drop Box

£146.00 Add to cart

 45 minutes phone or Skype call with UK tape cassette posted  

£147.95 Add to cart

45 minutes with EU/International tape cassette posted

£149.95 Add to cart

  60 minute sessions

          60 minutes phone or Skype call with free MP3 recording via Drop Box

£195.00 Add to cart

60 minutes phone or Skype call with UK tape cassette posted

£197.00 Add to cart

60 minutes phone or Skype with EU/ International tape cassette posted

£199.95 Add to cart

75 minute sessions

75 minutes phone or Skype with free MP3 recording via Drop Box

£243.75 Add to cart

75 minutes phone or Skype with UK tape cassette posted

£245.75 Add to cart

75 minutes phone or Skype call with EU/ International tape cassette posted

£248.75 Add to cart

Skills Audit  .  Development Session . Media Consultation
Private session which can be either before booking any course as a “fact finding” session to help you determine what esoteric skills you already have and how best to develop those or maybe that you simply need to go directly to Professional Vetting with the BAPS and not do my course at all . For those well practiced I can audit the skills you have as a BAPS vetter/ examiner since 1997, Manager of Psychics & Therapists since 1998 by having you do a test vetting for me (in person or phone) I will be able to point you in the right direction about how best to use your skills ( private work, exhibitions, media) and you would do a test vetting for me so I can advise you on what to work for BAPS professional vettings, to gain the insurance and professional status for working safely.

As a generic career advisor, local authority employment advisor and business owner, I’ll also aim to advise you on how to start off in business, regenerate an existing one and source funds to keep afloat when times get tough

I can call or Skype you or visits across London & Essex or any location can be arranged but will incur travel time and costs {please email for an estimate on time and travel costs}

60 minute phone or Skype call with free MP3 recording via Drop Box

£195.00 Add to cart

90 minute phone or Skype call with free MP3 recording via Drop Box

£292.50 Add to cart

60 minute Media Consultation

£585.00 Add to cart



Natasha’s availability alters all the time, from day to day she often works into the early hours of the morning for clients, both international and domestic so what we’d recommend is that you think about the best times for yourself, when you’re most relaxed and unlikely to be disturbed. Once you have those times and days / dates at the ready, follow the steps below to ensure that you get the time slot you that best suit you, as quickly as possible.

1. book the duration you would like 

2. in your Solari UK account  there is a Customer Notes section – in here send at least  3-5 different days and times (GMT)  with the widest availability you can manage 

3. You will then be contacted in your Solari UK account with other specifics like your chosen landline or your Skype name, whether you want it recorded etc, This will be sent to you for you to choose your answers so please wait for this message with it’s prompts so we can book you in quickly  

4. Your booking will be confirmed showing all the specifics of your booking and we are ready for the session


 Natasha is so in demand yet works unsociable hours, so this really is the quickest way of getting an appointment secured for you.



Client Comments

“I had a reading with you 2 years ago and it’s amazing how accurate it has turned out to be! I’m now living in Australia (as predicted) and running my own yoga centre (also predicted!). Can I do a phone reading?”Paula, Newtown, Australia 30 October 2004

“Wanted to tell you in person that you saved my life years ago, by being prepared to tell me the truth, the whole truth in no uncertain terms .Today {10 years later} another profound reading. Thank you” Emma F, Dulwich  London, 3 June 2010

“Once again thank you for your unequalled help, I don’t know what I’d do or where I’d be without you. You’re a very special person” Minnie D, Chiswick, UK 11 March 2003

“Hi Natasha, I don’t know if you remember me – it was some time ago and I’m sure you do alot of readings. Anyway, to be honest, I was a bit skeptical and because I had so much on my mind at the time I didn’t take too much notice of your warning when you said I should be careful of becoming pregnant. Anyway, we had been trying for a few years and nothing had happended so I thought you may have been getting confused messages from me. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that you had been exactly right and it was about 2 weeks after this that I fell pregnant .It wasn’t what I’d had in my plans, however I am happy and will probably be calling you again some time in the future. And next time I call I will be paying close attention to the things you tell me! Best Regards” Melodee H , London E4 8 August 2010

“I had a telephone reading with Natasha today and I was blown away with her accuracy of my situation.Without any background knowledge of me, Natasha told me what was going on in my life at this present time and what opportunities would present themselves to me in the near and distant future. I have had a few readings in the past but this was by far the best. I would highly recommend Natasha and I wait in eager anticipation to see if her predictions comes true!!” Anonymous review via the Best of Cambridge website April 2009

“I never told you but ten years ago before I started my present relationship you actually warned me off {that relationship} by saying that I would start going out with a red head and it would all end in tears 10 Years later….. If that is not testament what is? Now on to pastures new!!!” Sharon, Leatherhead, UK 19 March 2011

“All of it makes sense, every single bit. I’m actually quite stunned & amazed . . . that’s probably the most amazing reading I’ve ever had . . . I’ve had a few they’ve not been as in depth as what you’ve been, not as in depth at all, ever. I’m really pleased” Lorna H, Cambridge, 17 April 2009

Thank you for the phone reading yesterday, I really was impressed. I have had readings in the past but it was vague in comparison to yours” T.Mohammed, London E1, 24 June 1997

“Thanks very much for the session on Sunday it was like “WOW” you are incredible!! I can’t thank you enough for the help you gave me and my sister, I shall be recommending you to all my friends” Micheal P, East London, 2 July 2003

“My friend was amazed at your reading for her, via me in our phone reading, so accurate and so comforting to have confirmation of what she was thinking. It has made her feel very positive and upbeat and she knows what to do now. Everything from the father, the older brother, his character, the chat rooms, the family unit, needing more sport and social life, was spot on! She is very grateful. So, thank you extra specially once again” Mrs.Drury, London, UK 29 March 2006

“Thank you for your accurate reading. I’m so glad to have met you, you’ve been an inspiration to me” Gerry Griffin, Ireland 3 October 2000

“Dear Natasha- thank you for the reading today – very thought provoking and precise. I enjoyed it enormously” Rosie McCracken, London 6 March 2006

“Just to let you know I am marrying the woman of my dreams on 17 May, 6 days time!You did a phone reading for me a couple of years ago .You predicted that I would meet a lady called Lyn (my fiancée’s best friend!)and that someone with the letter M would be influential, a Catholic and matriarchal (my fiancée is Monica).We are off to Mauritius on honeymoon this coming Sunday. Thank you M. Lewis, Northampton 11 May 2008

“Thank you for a great reading last night it has made me more positive about the future” Debbie Anderton, Edinburgh, Scotland 19 June 2006

“Many thanks Natasha, I had my first reading with you in 1997/98 (at your home in Walthamstow?) which was astonishingly insightful and accurate, and last night’s was no less inspiring”. Sarah W, Brighton 12 July 2015

“Thanks again for the reading, thought it was brilliant and I will definitely recommend you to friends” M Whelan,Hampshire UK 1 Sept 2009

“Thank you for the reading today. It’s amazing how spot on you were with things – I’m sure when I listen again (which will probably be soon), I will pick up on more things. Hope you have a wonderful holiday break. Thanks” L.P Wimbledon, London, UK  18 December 2014



Natasha J Soliar

(BA Hons . PGCE . B.A.P.S Consultant)

*British Astrological & Psychic Society Consultant since 1996

*Professional Esoteric Graduate with Distinction  – London Tarot Centre, TGA Donaldson 1996

*Professional Tarot Graduate of Magikal Initiation  – London Tarot Centre, TGA Donaldson 1996

*Media consultant on esoteric matters for UK TV, radio & publications since 1997

*Lecturer & author of the Nationally accredited LOCN Tarot Readership Esoteric Studies Courses 2001

*Post Graduate Degree in Education 2001

*Certified Doreen Virtue Fairyologist – 2016

*Professionally insured by Ageas