Become a Solari UK Agent

If you’re able to refer customers or clients to my company I’d like to show my gratitude by giving you

10% cash commission 

which can be as much as


for one item {item: Health MOT – 11 month program}.

You don’t even need to have a party or event so there’s no time spent and absolutely no expense to yourself.

In just 3 easy steps you can watch the commission roll in for every single purchase so if one of your referrals purchases in 10 years time, you STILL receive 10% commission on that sale. . . its ongoing residue income.

1. view the website, then email your interest to be an agent with your full name and location to If you’d like to have some business cards let me know and they can be posted to you.

2. tell your friends, family and colleagues including those overseas about the Solari UK website, it’s products and services and that you are an agent

3. remind them to mention you by name when they purchase items or services online (they have a notes box they can fill out  before and after checkout, via PayPal or just by emailing me directly).

That’s it – job done !!

 You will be emailed confirmed sales that come via your referral and you can be paid via cheque Paypal or Bank Transfer whenever you wish.